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Diverze Properties Ltd.



The Company has real estate holdings in Jamaica, which owns several Commercial and Residential properties in inclusive of lands proposed for development.  Certain of these properties are currently used in the businesses of Tropical Battery or the Chukka Group and earn monthly rental income.  The Directors consider that certain other properties have a great opportunity to be developed. To that end, the Company has committed to prepare a development plan in a timely and effective manner and has set up an advisory board of real estate developers and brokers for that purpose.  The first development plans will focus on the following:

  • Chukka Cove Polo Club Homes – phase one proposal to develop 20 of 40 acres at Chukka Cove Saint Ann, with access to the ocean, and the polo club. 

  • Kling Kling Beach Property in St. Ann - good potential for development and / or sell.

  • 14 Ashenheim Road – office and warehouse property for sale / lease. 



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