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Portfolio Companies

DAI Diverze (Jamaica) Limited is a new holding company for a group that offers prospective investors in the Preference Shares an opportunity to acquire an interest in a diversified  asset base with three (3) distinct income streams:


  • Chukka Group  |  This includes the Company’s 40% stake in Chukka Caribbean Adventures of Saint Lucia, a nature tourism business that has operational subsidiaries in Jamaica, Belize, Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos Islands, and has the benefit of earning a majority of its revenue in US$.

  • Tropical Battery  |  The Company owns 100% of this 65 - year old Jamaican company and has an established brand of automotive batteries and lubricants and other necessity products.

  • Diverze Properties Limited  |  The Company owns 100% of this Jamaican real estate holding company, which in turns owns 14 properties, that currently produce a consistant rental income stream, and inclusive of lands proposed for development.


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