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about diverze assets

Diverze Assets Inc. is a dynamic holding company standing on 3 diverse income streams and a solid asset base. This company and it's subsidiaries has a strong management team with a proven track record of doing business in Jamaica and the Caribbean.


Material Interest and Subsidiaries:

  • Chukka Caribbean Adventures – a nature adventure tour company that operates in 3 countries within the Caribbean. CCA earns US$’s in a very dynamic area of tourism.

  • Tropical Battery – a 67-year-old household brand name selling automotive batteries, lubricants and Accessories (all necessity products).

  • Diverze Properties – has 11 properties in its real estate portfolio. We will be developing most of this diverse group of real estate properties, finding the most effective way to unlock the value and create new income streams through the recommendations of our Advisory Board.


With the benefit of US$ earnings from Chukka, the stability of cash flow from Tropical Battery, and a portfolio of real estate that has huge near and long term potential for development, Diverze Assets is a strong company with even greater potential for growth.


Our vision is to allocate one third of the profits in liquid investment, which will primarily focus on financial assets such as securities, certified deposits, bonds etc.  This will give us great flexibility to take advantage of strategic opportunities, which the Board of Directors see fit and creates another income stream. 

With our strong balance sheet, management team collective experiences, and all guided by a credible board of directors, we can realize our long-term vision of creating a diverse and exciting collection of assets, which have the ability to produce above average returns, no matter what the macro landscape dictates.



Chukka Caribbean Adventures


Guided by a spirit of exploration and adventure, Chukka is driven to define, design, develop and deliver tour experiences of the highest quality. Chukka is rooted in an entrepreneurial spirit, supported by strong Jamaican family values, employee and partner loyalty, and the best-trained staff in the Caribbean.

The Chukka business began in 1983 with its signature Horseback Ride N’Swim tour. Today, Chukka operates over 60 tours with a staff compliment of 1,200 in Jamaica, Belize and Turks & Caicos Islands. Chukka reached a benchmark last year of doing over 700,000 visitors on tour for 2019.


Chukka excels at showcasing the natural side of the Caribbean through unique value added experiences. Whether our customers are motivated by thrills & adventures set in unspoiled natural beauty; local culture & history; rest & rejuvenation; or the need to come together as a team, Chukka is the only tour operator in the Caribbean capable of delivering the wide range of exceptional experiences consistently, safely and reliably. Having designed, developed and delivered this wide range of activities, it has provided Chukka with the core competence to locate, showcase while preserving these natural un-spoilt beauty.


With the investment/purchase of shares by PamJam Investment Trust in CHUKKA, around the middle of 2013. This transaction price valued the CHUKKA business at US$20 million, since then we have grown our pax (number of persons taking tours) and revenue by more than 20%.    


Tropical Battery Co.


Tex Williams, an American businessman, founded Tropical Battery Co. Ltd. in 1950. In 1967, the Melville family, who are still the owners today, purchased Tropical Battery. The Company originally started as a manufacturer of lead acid storage batteries.


In the early 1990’s, Tropical Battery changed its business model from being a manufacturer to an importing and distribution company. In 2003, Tropical Battery surpassed sales of 100,000 batteries in one year. This is an accomplishment that is recognized worldwide in the battery industry. Tropical is the largest importer of batteries per category and is a recognized Household name in Jamaica when looking to purchase a battery.  


Tropical revenue was more than JA$1.7 billion last fiscal year ending September 30, 2019 and enjoys strong customer loyalty, as the quality of the products and competitive pricing are a large determining factor for the motoring publics decision. In addition to the fact that we have the most established and well run warrantee system in the country, patrons feel at ease knowing that if they do have a problem, Tropical Battery is there standing behind our products.


Furthermore, our far reaching distribution and retail network is very attractive to various International manufacturing companies who are currently asking us to distribute their brands/products across Jamaica. This is a material opportunity for us now.


Diverze Properties Ltd.


We currently own a number of properties, a few are used in the operating businesses, others earn steady monthly rental income and the majority have a great opportunity to be developed further and unlock significant value. To ensure we maximize and execute our development plan in a timely and effective manner, we have set up an advisory board made up of some of Jamaica’s leading real estate developers and brokers.  



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